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The use of our third eye – we never knew existed

Okay okay guys ,this might not be a Da Vinci’s art but it still counts for the storyline right??. Big ups to my girl Chel❤ for the diagram which gave me the initiative for today’s post .
Am sure some of us might have heard about the third eye,others might be completely clueless,while some just don’t care. Well guys I am here for all the above categorized people (plus all those who don’t fall into any of the categories listed above?). Well actually Google’s here for all of us.
So let’s begin, if you’re a new visitor to this blog and this is the first ever post you’re reading of this blog then WELCOME ❤, I hope you enjoy this read,please like and share? FAM. For all those who’ve been following this blog from the start I say a very big thank you? I love and appreciate y’all.
According to wikipedia(God bless the internet y’all) , “The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight”.
images (22).jpeg
Now now people don’t let the image above distract you okay?!! My main reason for bringing up this comparison is because I am of the opinion that we all need to look beyond just what we see. Not everything you see is actually what it seems to be.  We all know people who we’ve subconsciously judged based on their appearance or what we’ve heard but who’ve turned out to have the sweetest of souls, we’ve also seen people having the cutest of faces,the finest of cars and most expensive dresses yet with a nasty-ass heart.
I have seen friends turn on other friends because of what they heard about that person. You might have been hurt by what you were told your friend said ,but then taking into account the impression the person has carved into your heart throughout the friendship would it have hurt, if you had just confronted him/her about it in a friendly tone (not an accusing tone)?  Now let that sink in, we’ve lost friendships and relationships God had carefully made perfect just because we refused to put egos aside and confront a hitch on the path of friendship? sad right ! 
images (24)
Not all friendships or relationships are healthy ,not all friendships are unhealthy either. There is a difference between getting out of an unhealthy friendship having nothing but a negative effect on you, and losing what should have been for almost a lifetime because of miscommunication and anger. Am all out for cutting off anything or anyone that isn’t having or adding anything positive to your life but don’t  cut off the good ones, don’t lose the good ones ,don’t ruin a healthy friendship because you can’t look beyond the present situation/picture been painted in front of you.
Use your third eye, look beyond the ordinary. Don’t be continually moved by things you see ,hear or read about. Be moved by facts and confirmations. Use your brain and your heart. Don’t use one and leave the other.  Once in a while ,sit down  ,drink a cup of cold water and shut the hell up and listen.images (26).jpeg
   Trust me it will do a lot of good  to us as persons and to our relationship with people. We mustn’t always be heard sometimes we need to listen and then judge . Don’t be quick to make yourself heard-it might not always be worth it.
Cheers to better and lasting friendships and relationships in the new year 2019. ??
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