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New year, new me ; oh no not again??

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Keeping to your new year resolutions

Hey guys, a happy new year to y’all??.

It’s the first day of the year,and am sure as usual we’ve prepared and made notes of our yearly new year resolutions. You probably have written down what you think /know you should work on before the next year. Now my question for you is this; would your zeal for this resolution last till the next month?
Now personally I have never made a new year resolution, I rather have thoughts of things I should work on. Am guessing some of y’all are wondering, isn’t that a new year resolution? Well to me it’s not cause I make no commitment to achieving it. But I rather make a conscious effort to try to be the best version of myself without putting unnecessary pressure on myself .
But hey,that’s my own personal ish and it has worked for me. But, for you guys who sincerely make new year resolutions with the intention to keep them and finally cross it off your life list. I am here for you , so sit back and let’s go through this together.
I am sure most of us have always wondered why our resolutions never see the day of light. Fine we might go through with them for probably the first two months or less or more but we never seem to actually see it through to the end or even accomplish it.

Setting new year goals and actually achieving them.

  • Most of us make the mistake of setting goals without a plan . It isn’t about making the resolutions but having a plan that ll help you achieve a goal. Don’t try to achieve it all at once, break it down into smaller portions and set a small daily or weekly goal that ll bring you closer to achieving the dream goal. It all begins with small steps.
  • Me,myself and I: does that sound familiar yea that’s what we have in mind when we make our new year resolutions. Well this really isn’t so bad , but then making resolution will be more successful if we can have a group being us.

Goals like losing weight ,attending the gym and learning a new skill ll be better if we get people that share the same zeal we have this will inspire us to do more and more. Move with people who’re better and know more about you -this will push you to do better. But then avoid negative and toxic people whose intention is to bring you down and discourage you.

XXL(extra extra large) goals: You cannot keep making larger than life goals to achieve within a short time ,this will just lead to disappointment. Start from smaller goals that will lead to the big one. Don’t go straight to the biggest goal . Take it step by step and day by day. You don’t conquer a mountain form the top but you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.
Abbey 2019

  • One of the greatest mistakes you’re most probably making is giving up too easily, once you face a series of roadblock on your path to achieving your goals you drop it all and you just give up.

Your ability to strive on in the face of obstacles and things that are purposed to bring you down, makes you and builds you ingot he person you are meant to be.
Abbey 2019

  • The two most important factors are; time and money . How we wish we can just control the time -something like the time -jerker⏰. Well wishes are not horses, so we’ve to make use of what we have. Your ability to achieve your goals depends on your ability to manage your time effectively. As well as your finances, sometimes we try to overspend to achieve our goals . For example you want to lose weight,you can do this without breaking the bank and nope you mustn’t go to the gym ,try and stick to less expensive ways to achieve your goals❤
  • Set achievable goals; most of us make goals that are not achievable by any standards. Set smaller realisable goals and achieve it, this will give confidence for you to face and achieve other bigger ones.
  • Lack of self confidence; most of us put too much pressure on ourselves, that we fail to see our own progress. We fail to congratulate ourselves for our own progress.
  • We keep comparing our progress with that of others and degrade our own achievements. This shouldn’t be, be confident and happy with whatever progress you make. Congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

With this few tips ,I know you’re sure to have a better and more productive year❤
But if you’re like me and have no new year resolution in mind well cheers??
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