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Mental health series part2 – Body shaming


Hey guys, well this is a continuation to the mental health series I started last year , this is for anyone and everyone who is tired of constantly been body shamed, constantly been looked down on cause of your body type.  We all have been at that point in our lives where things people say actually affect us, i know we all say “oh i don’t give a damn what  people say” but lowkey we know its hurting us deep inside, its eating us up within, we lowkey look into the mirror judging all our flaws some of us are scared  of looking  at the mirror cause we are disgusted by our reflection .  Some of us are on social media after all who isn’t right , i know for one when i go online am bombarded with with pictures of ladies who look so perfect  makeup  on fleek, eyebrows on fleek, lipstick  on fleek, d figure eight shape nd all, and then i just look at myself and i feel like when they’re girls like that which guy would want someone as skinny as i am..  I am forever insecure about my relationship cause i feel there are so many ladies out there that aren’t as skinny as i am. I feel insecure to meet new people especially guys because i feel the first thing everyone seems to notice is 

Omg see how skinny she’s, she looks so malnourished, she can break  at any moment now, does she even eat at all, is she in a diet, look how flat that ass is, look how thin does legs are(are those are legs cause i thought they were sticks?).

The hurtful part is when you see those judgmental eyes ? running up and down your body as they try taking  in your appearance and all you can do is to just stand there and watch them with a smile  on your face so they don’t think your weak.  Constantly having to change  your clothes  cause you feel you look more lyk a “broomstick” in them or when you wear them and someone walks  up to you and tells you “this dress doesn’t fit your body” they feel its a joke but knowing deep down your self confidence is lowering at each words..  I remember my very close friend once told me to my face.

…… you are very ugly, i feel ashamed walking  with you, you are so skinny and boring.  Have you looked at your face before.

These words are forever carved into my mind i can never forget them she thought it was all a joke  but it wasn’t at all funny to me.
I know we all have our experiences you might be fat or skinny , you could be a lady , a teenager , a woman, a man, a boy  anything and whatever and whoever you might be all i care about is us coming together to bring out the beauty in each other, to be there for each other, to love each other for who we really are and not who others feel we should be   Life is too short for negative energy and vibe.
Now in case we all feel this relates only to the ladies,then you’re damn wrong .The men aren’t exempted , we might not notice it but there’s a glorified body shape women feel men should have or rather the society feel men should have. But we’ve woven a web where the men feel like they cannot or should not talk about this,which is wrong.
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No one has a right to feel lesser than they are. And if whenever you feel like you need to change either due to health reasons or for your own sake,then by all means go for a change. Start the exercise, start that diet, start eating more,cut off the alcohol etc. But make sure that whenever you feel like changing your body type,that it’s for the right reasons and not because of the societal pressure because the pressure can only fuel your drive to a certain limit. But when you’re indeed commuted to change for tour own happiness and benefit,your determination I’ll be the fuel to your fire.
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Hope you guys enjoyed part2 of this series. This post was culled from my original post on my previous blog – for the purpose of this blog and since I clearly have stopped using my previous blog I’ll be reposting all my previous posts to this blog.❤
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  • Stephen

    A farmer once told me how chickens will attack another chicken that looks different to the majority, even if it’s just because a shaft of sunlight is hitting an otherwise normal looking bird. They’ll keep pecking it to death unless it moves out of the sunlight.
    Some people haven’t evolved beyond the chicken level….

  • Mashibaby

    It’s a chronic struggle for me as I was growing up. Sadly, it still bothers me as a mom so I need to be proud of who I am!

    • Abbey

      Yes you should be, and once again as a mom your strength to push on and overcome this struggle will give your children strength as well as they grow up to learn to love themselves

  • happyiihgirl

    Well done for speaking up about/such an important issue. I am trying to learn more about this as I’m seeing and talking to so many affected by this! Well done for pushing on and speaking up, it’s very brave and inspiring!

  • Chloe Chats

    A very important topic to speak out about! It is hard when you go online and see these ‘perfect’ people, but there’s no such thing. We’re all different, we all come in different shapes and sizes and we should be proud of ourselves. I know how hard it is to be positive about our own bodies but it’s been something I’ve been trying to get better at <3
    Chloe xx

  • lifewithmrst

    Being a plus size girl I am always getting annoyed when we are bombarded with the perfect woman and made to feel guilty for being larger than the norm. However, when I was very thin, I got accused of having an eating disorder. In our society we will have hate everywhere, we just have to rise above and remember thoughts are not facts. Great post

  • George@BritVoyage

    Body shaming is such a huge issue. I’m glad you started with skinny shaming, as there is a lot of publicity about fat shaming, but people often forget that slim people can also be bullied and shamed.

  • Natasha MacFarlane

    I have always struggled with body image and the relationship I suppose I share with myself. Thank you for this post. It’s both comforting and inspiring to know you are not alone, and others are talking about it too.

  • Wendy High

    Beautiful writing, and so true. Mental health and self confidence are important, and it is very important to stay positive even in the darkest situations. Keep your head up, always! Love, light, and balance to you!

  • Karley

    I love this post! It’s such an important issue that definitely needs to be addressed more. Self love doesn’t always come easy but with positive posts like this, it’s inspiring to try harder.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • sugisays

    It’s the body image that really hits me hard. I’ve always struggled with it, avoiding wearing anything that shows off too much of my body, especially during the summer time. Thanks for this piece! Some really important words in here <3

  • granonine

    I finally got around to reading this piece after you gave me the link on my own post, :Body Shaming/” I believe I have come to a correct conclusion about all this. Here it is: We all are spending way too much time looking at others and comparing ourselves to others. Social media is part of the problem, with selfies and such an emphasis on appearance. If we were less involved with our own appearance, and worrying about how other people see us, we would be far happier.

  • Sarah Mark

    This is such an important topic! For so long we have judged someone on the way they look, and to be honest, why is it any of our business? We all spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and for what? We will never be that other person we will never look like them, it is about time we all started loving ourselves we can’t be someone else.

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