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Lyrics from a song keeps ringing in my head it basically describes the struggles of christian life- the song “I’ll keep running to you” (sorry don’t know the name of the artist) is basically one of my favourite songs when I begin to feel like am losing the race of faith, that am undeserving of been in the presence of God because of my filthiness, that I am a sinner undeserving of forgiveness, that I keep praying yet I keep making the same mistakes I try to keep away from cause I knw they will hurt this new race I’ve began with God. But one thing I know is that the race as a Christian might be rough,it might be hard work, there might be few pitfalls from our side as humans,we might neglect the warnings of the Holy Spirit and still spew whatever filth we’ve in our thought,words or actions, we might engage in that gossip,we might allow our minds deviate to ungodly thoughts as babes in the kingdom of God but then it’s this time we’ve to begin to pray for that leading and conviction of the Holy Spirit.

I personally feel that sometimes I take God’s grace through His son Jesus as an excuse for unchristianly character because I feel I can still go back and ask God for forgiveness and he’ll forgive. But this shouldn’t be.

I feel a burden in my heart, I cry tears when I remember the insults and shame Jesus Christ went through just to cover my shame, a man who committed no sin was murdered like a sinner for a sinner like me and yet I take that grace for granted. Imagine!! is there a greater sacrilege like this?
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I am undeserving of this love u show unto me lord but no matter what,I believe in your sufficient grace to lead me through the beginning and ending of this christian race,it might seem difficult because I haven’t totally consecrated myself to you,I still fall into my old ways but lord I promise you one thing that more than any worldly enjoyment that seeing the smile on your face when at that pearly gates you say “welcome my faithful servant” for that smile on your face it’s all worth it. Cutting off that habit,that character, that person and that TV show is worth it because I know you’re pulling me through it all and you’ll lead me on. Please keep me and others who genuinely want to watch and pray since we know not when you shall come. We’ll work hard to follow you and you alone lord because been a Christian isn’t a right but a privilege through the blood shed on Calvary.

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Be magnified. Shalom.
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