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#mentalhealthseries part3 ; Imperfect me, perfect him-low self-esteem in relationships and turning deaf ears to negative words

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Do you ever look at yourself  and look at your partner and feel deep within you that he or she can do so much better???
Do you ever look around the restaurant while you’re out on a date and think  “are they staring at me, do they think he or she can do better, look how cute that girl is looking am sure it would have been cute if he was with her or look at that fit six-packs guy am sure they would have made a perfect pair”.???
Or do you feel like you embarrass your  partner with your appearance and body shape,  do u feel self conscious around their friends or family ???
Do you detest going out with your partner, you secretly dread every outing cause you just don’t fit in to a particular body type?
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Well bae or boo get rid of that thought, you’re damn beautiful or handsome how you’re and the right person will see through the skinny body, through the extra flesh, through the baggy clothes , through the flat ass or boobs, see through the potbelly, see through the extra chin.. He or she will see right into your golden soul and into the real you cause you are rare, you’re one of a kind, you’re irreplaceable, you are beautiful, you are handsome, you’re hot, you’re classy, you’re sexy, you’re rad, you’re everything special.

   And if your partner fails to see that then drop them like a bad habit.  No one should ever make you feel like they’re “just managing you “, or like you’re “a charity case”..  No one has a right to tell you that “no one will ever love you” … They re as wrong as hell quit such toxic  people, it might hurt but baby gal rediscover urself, live for u, be u nd the right person  will show up to sweep  you of your feet..  You don’t need anybody to be happy  you only need yourself… 

Remember  “drop them like a bad habit, they’re toxic to your happiness 😌 “
Be happy, be you,  love you, rediscover you💝

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To some unrelated issue leading up to this whole self esteem ish;  HERE IS A STORY
So Leslie decided to go shopping, and she was  quite on the skinny side. She walked in to a mall and  started trying out clothes  that she thought would look pretty good  on her, so she brought all of em out every single  colour that caught her eye  with the help of the shop attendant, as she was busy with the clothes and all the shop attendant made a comment

………. but you’re seriously really  skinny, like this dress your trying on that seems quite loose was really tight  on some of the customers that came in😒.. Notice the “re u serious emoji “.  Well the Leslie just  shrugged it off and continued her shopping  because no lousy comment was going to be  enough to ruin the joy  she had when she left her home .

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What  am trying to bring out from this is that we are the ones that have the right to make what people say affect us nd ruin whatever happiness  you had at that moment.  I won’t lie it might be difficult most times to ignore certain comments and reactions u might have heard some of these;

….. oooh how  did she fit into that she be looking like a whale , or u might have heard,  “why did she wear that when she has no bum for such” and so many derogatory statements about your sense of fashion  whether you’re on the thicker side or you’re on the slimer side or your on whatever side no one has a right to criticize your fashion on the basis of your weight if you like it, then own it, be it, live it.  You live only once don’t let the statement of an ignorant person  or persons make you stay covered up in baggy clothes and a hoodie just to try and hide your weight … Nope  that’s unacceptable you have a right to look beautiful cause you are beautiful.  And i can’t ignore  the guys  right here look handsome cause you re handsome nd the world  deserves  to see  that.

Go and rock that clothe you got ,cause you will look beautiful in them.. If you radiate beauty nd confidence in your fashion the world  would have no choice but to bow  sooner or later to that confidence .  But if you radiate fear  and self consciousness  that you don’t deserve to wear so and so clothes  then the world  would act on it.

So ladies, girls, women, gents, teens, granny, grandpa.  Be you, create  your own fashion be your own kinda beautiful, dress to please  you and no one else.


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