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Perfect Valentine's day gift guide for a partner struggling with their mental health

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again. Love is in the air ,planning has begun in earnest for that special day of the year. The day set aside to celebrate people that made and will make or are presently making the remaining 364 days of the year special. February is known as the month of love – but it’s also known as a month of depressions and anxiety strange right, some might be confused “how is it possible”? – some might be plagued with thoughts of how to get gifts for their special someone, society’s pressure and standard on individuals in relationships to show their love and prove their love by public display of affection and exchange of gifts. Their is also pressure on ” single” individuals causing them to feel incomplete and lonely.
Before I get into the gift guide, I would like to say something to the single guys and ladies going through this post and are like “wtf, I don’t need this” ! Well you don’t need a partner to be validated during this season or any season for that matter. Don’t let society pressurize you into believing that flaunting a perfect relationship on the gram is the reason for the season. Be yourself , enjoy yourself, take yourself out,celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come in achieving your goals for the year even if you haven’t achieved any of your set goals then celebrate yourself for making it thus far and set plans to actualize your goals. Celebrate your family and friends, all those who’ve in one way or the other impacted and made a positive influence on you. You must not be sexually or romantically affiliated with someone to show them just how special they’re and finally instead of wallowing in self pity and wishing you were out on a date with that hot guy or girl , invest on caring for your mental health even more on that day, give yourself a pat on the back for how much progress you’ve mad win been healthier. Have fun,enjoy yourself , wallow instead in self appreciation.
Now if you’ve a partner struggling with  any mental health issue either #bpd ,#depression, #anxiety or if you’re single but yet struggling with any mental health that seems to skyrocket during festivities like this, this post is for you. I’ll be taking you through gifts that are meant to remind that special someone how much they mean to you while also trying to show them that even with their struggles you’re and will always be there because no one is perfect. Valentine’s day shouldn’t always be about gifts and trying to buy tour partners love and attention but rather not only should you think of getting a good and affordable gift,dedicate time to building your relationship, reignite whatever spark has been lost and create even brighter flames. Valentine’s day shouldn’t be the only day of the year to make your man or woman feel special. For fuck sake you’ve 365days in the year make them feel special and worthwhile every single day. When you see a gift you think they would like buy it ,there should be no special reason attached to it .
The perfect gift guide
Jewellery –  Now we all know jewellery is a girls best friend and can also be a man’s companion. Can you imagine a better way of professing love to your partner than with a beautiful jewellery engraved with words that will make the heart melt. A jewellery of promise and a sign of love to that special someone to let them know that you think of them everyday and the memories you treasure about them.  Now for that you don’t need to look to far, Elegant insights braille creations is here for you with jewelries engraved with delicate words and catchphrases like “forever”  etc.
This jewellery collections has quite a special place in my heart, as it was created and envisioned by a motivational woman by name Laura Legendary (who’s blind) but has done well to move what others might term a disability or a physical challenge to create jewelries that speak emotions to the recipient. From rings,to necklaces to earrings you can get it here. They create and offer jewelries for people of any sex both male and female, you also have a chance to personalize it by getting her name or his name engraved on the jewellery with a heart pendant or whatever design of your choice .This jewellery is also wonderful for those with vision loss as they can not only wear this beautiful jewellery but also feel the emotion it conveys.

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We all wear clothes right? Well why don’t you make it extra special for the partner of your dreams, let them look good as well as feel encouraged at that. For the guys, you know your girl loves stealing your favourite hoodie and you love how cute they look on her right. Well presenting to you a wonderful opportunity from a clothing brand whatlabel, they produce t-shirts, hoodies and basically clothes with messages that are meant to leave you feeling beautiful both with it’s messages and look as well. The clothing brand was borne out of a desire to bring awareness to depression, autism and other mental health issues. Feel free to check them out @ and follow them on twitter

Chocolates and snacks
Who doesn’t like snacks right? On this special day, indulge yourself and your partner in a treat of your favourite snacks and chocolates. For this special day don’t think about dieting or exercise or anything, indulge your sweet tooth with that special someone probably while watching some movies. Trust me you can never get it wrong with chocolates or junks for that matter
Valentine notes and cards
For me , a handwritten note or a card for valentine is really special. Now you might not need to get a handwritten note you could just buy a Valentine’s day card but now you can turn it into something memorable, something your special half can look at and smile . You can make it you’re by writing out your feelings, turn your emotions into words, this part is the easiest because you really literally have to spend no money nor be a writer or a poet , all you have to be is a true lover and feel strong emotions. Let those emotions take over you and bring out the romantic in you. And I promise your partner will love it. You can write a bit about how you guys met or what you love about her/him and been with them all this time. Don’t limit your self just write all you feel out and trust me I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t reduce tour partner to tears. If you somehow feel you would want to do this or you’ll need help wit it, feel free to hit me up❤ I’ll have you covered.
Perfumes and flowers
Now now now, who doesn’t love to smell good ,talk more of having a partner that smells divine. So get those shopping shoes on , and make sure to include this in your gift basket and I’m sure once your partner sprays it they would think of you , once they’re complimented on how they smell they immediately think of you. You as well think of them once you perceive that fragrance. It’s good to smell good ,gifting your partner their favourite perfume brand or a perfume you know will smell good on them will guarantee an A+. If your partner is a girl ,good then accompany the perfume with a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers either handpicked or bought by you. She would love the rose flower and still smell like an angelic rose once she has that perfume on her . It’s important to get a perfume that doesn’t scream notice me (in a bad way) ,get a perfume based on what you know about your partners preference. One of my favorite brands is tokyomilk by Margot Elena. Check them out on;
Now guys this is all I’ve for you, I believe if you’ve a partner suffering from any mental health issue, everyday is a day to make them feel special , in fact your partner must not have a mental health issue to be treated special everyday. As long as you’re in a relationship, you and your partner should be able to treat each other as fragile as eggs. If for any reason no gift falls into what you feel your partner might want ,then it’s OK.
For Valentine to be special ,you must not have a material gift, it could be a movie or date night in  your pajamas. Or a kiss on their forehead with a promise of love and support not just for the season of love but as long as you both are together. It might just be you been a shoulder to lean on nd cry on ,on that special day. It might be a a time you both just share your feelings ,and renew whatever vows you had made and tick certain events off your checklist.
Valentine’s day is a time to show love and be loved, it’s a time to be kind to yourself and congratulate yourself on the journey made thus far. No relationship is perfect but you can always create a sense of perfection❤
Wishing you guys a beautiful Valentine’s day in advance.

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