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Is your mental health a reason to be toxic?

Hey everyone, now mental health is a really serious issue most people contend with. You might not even notice it for all it’s worth, you can be depressed for years and not even realize it. You might be suffering from anxiety and panic attacks but can’t even put a name to your situation. You can have BPD and still not know that’s the clinical term or even realize that it’s a sickness. Mental health in our present day society has usually just been brushed under the carpet as one been too emotional, or a cry baby or just not man or woman enough to face life.
But recently we’ve seen a turn around, people are slowly coming to terms that no one should refer have to go through suck periods of their life alone, they are now meant to understand that they aren’t alone ,there are millions of people going through same all around the world. BUT……. I’ve seen people and even I’m guilty of using this as a reason to be toxic and then blame it on your mental health consciously or subconsciously.
One crazy fact about this is that when struggling with your mental health you feel like people are judging you, you feel like people around you just have you around for pity and this slowly begins to irk you and slowly the anger begins to develop. You slowly begin to feel like everyone who’s around you is just there out of pity or just to get some new information to use against  you on a later day. You slowly begin to lose trust in those around you,you slowly begin to withdraw from relationships you’ve had or are having, you slowly begin to shut yourself down and build a wall between yourself and those around. You begin leaving without any reason because you don’t even know why you’re been this way.  And finally when you have cut them off,the loneliness begins to set in. It begins to eat into the fabric of your being, you begin to regret not keeping those friendships and relationships but it’s too late now so you bear the consequence of your actions.
You live with the guilt that along with the bad you’ve thrown out the good and long lasting relationships that you would have had with those around you. You begin to become a shell of your former joyous self, your depression sky rockets, you feel even more unloved, your anxiety kicks in everywhere you turn to it feels like people are talking about you and whispering about your cold hearted display. You begin to sink even lower in the abyss  of self loathe. You seem unable to keep any more friendships and you begin to stay away.  You’ve no one to talk to or share your thoughts with except yourself. Your defence begins to crumble and your soul is pleading for relief.
Relief from the toxic situation you got yourself into because of fear!
Relief from burden you’ve placed on it from your selfish decision
Relief, plain relief.!!!
Now, this is one character not many people notice about themselves but I want you to use this opportunity to do a self assessment of where you’re right now, your attitude and grade your attitude. And if you’re one then it’s not too late to work on yourself , it’s not too late to build new and long lasting relationships. The only permanent thing in life is change, and change you will and you can !!!!
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This was a guest post I wrote for #Timetotalk for @thriveinchaos feel free to check out more of this stories from other amazing bloggers as we try to bring awareness to mental health ❤

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