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Valentine blues❤?- been single and living your best February 14th life yet

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February 14th is here again, finally after all the hype the day of love, gifts, partying and perfect dates is here again. A day where people in relationships or partners show and give undivided attention to their partners. Now that’s all good and cute, but today this post is for my single ladies and gentlemen, so if you’re going to be enjoying your day with your significant other this post might be biased to you, but it’s all love.
Now as a bonafide member of the SINGLES ASSOCIATION❤, there is usually a high tendency of  feeling lonely or that you’re  missing out on something magical based on the public display of affection you will be seeing all over the internet and even around your environment, this also applies to those in relationships. You see having a partner doesn’t guarantee that you won’t feel lonely at times or feel like you aren’t getting enough attention. That’s why I’m here for you, sit down grab some popcorn and a soda and just relax as I take you through some steps on how to live your best life yet on Valentine’s day without feeling left out and how to make the most of Valentine’s day while you’re at it.
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Now the society has made been in the relationship as a standard for adulthood or maturity especially for women. It is like a goal to tick off your to-do list as some sort of accomplishment but I tend to disagree with such model. Now been in a relationship just because the society or the people around you are in one and you just don’t want to feel left out is plain wrong. But if you’re in a relationship for all the right reasons then by all means enjoy it.

Ways to enjoy Valentine’s day even when single;

  1. Me – time:  Now this is quite self explanatory, we spend most of our time worrying about different things in our ever busy roller coaster lives.

download (2).jpeg         Now this is a day set aside by the universe for you to enjoy been you, for you to do a bit of self evaluation of things going on in your life. We spend so much time on chasing things we want to achieve and give zero time into appreciating the efforts we have made and how far we’ve gone from where we were before.
We don’t appreciate the little steps we’ve made, well I present to you a “Valentine special me-time” package free of charge. You can also use this day to go visit that restaurant , that amusement park from your childhood, that new ice cream parlour by the street you have always craved for. Feel free let go of whatever burden you have been carrying ,let go and have fun.
You deserve it pamper yourself , go for a new hair cut, go shopping, try out that amazing dress or that new suit, go swimming, go for that beauty treatment, visit that masseuse, try making that meal, try baking that cake do whatever the hell you want to do.
And if by chance you happen to have a job to be at on Valentine’s day ,then still make the most out of it. Order that take out with that champagne, get your party shoes and dress ready the night time is yours??. Don’t stress it and for God’s sake don’t over spend, we don’t want to be paying off debts days after Feb14th.
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2) Spend time with your girl friends and homies – now we all have people who have been in our lives for such a long time and impact on us positively but how many times have we actually celebrated such positivity, we all are used to talking about talking off the bad ones but never seem to notice the good ones always there to support us and comfort us. Well presenting to you the “Valentine day friendship appreciation special” package.
  Spend time with those friends of your have a little day or night out with your girls or go watch a match with the guys. If by chance some of them happen to be in relationships so have plans for val day that shouldn’t dampen the spirit, you can always have the outing after Valentine’s day.
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The main aim is for you and your friends to have a good time, share stories and just have fun. It’s a celebration of friendships and a celebration of your future together. It is simply a time to motivate, support and just chill with those who have made life a little better for you by their presence alone. So come on pause for a minute and go plan that outing we talked about. Enjoy yourselves, show them how much they mean to you,no matter how busy we’re, this is one day we should have time for them.
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3) Gift yourself-  ikr who does this. Well we’re going to do it and enjoy it. You remember that favourite chocolate of your choice that you would have loved that man in your life to gift you or that flower you would have loved to receive or those perfumes you have been dying to have or that movie you have been meaning to watch, well go out of that damn house and go get it for yourself.
Go on don’t wait, stop holding in things you would love to have because you would prefer having it gifted to you, well the gift given by oneself trust me is more precious and would make you feel way better. The greatest love that can ever be shown is the love you how yourself. Remind yourself of how precious you’re and use this gifts to appreciate yourself for getting through the year so far and wish yourself better things as you move forward. Can I recommend you rewatch aquaman? seriously I love that movie?
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4) Self comparison and regret –  at some point during the day ,you might fall into a bout of self comparison as you look through your Instagram or your WhatsApp status. You might come across that girl or that boy been showered with so much love and gifts and you might begin to wonder if there is something wrong with you. You might begin to wonder if you aren’t beautiful or handsome enough, you might begin to think of that relationship you just ended and you begin to wonder what you did wrong or what you could have done better. Self loathing and questions begin to swirl in your mind, once it begins look into the mirror and remember this : you’re beautiful/ handsome and loved, the fact you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t take anything away from how special you’re. You don’t need a relationship to be validated, the right woman or man will find you and when that time come it will only be an addition to an already perfect you. Any relationship lost wasn’t meant to be and you refuse to blame or be blamed for something that doesn’t exist anymore ,rather you choose to rise above it all and be a better person for yourself and for whoever will be lucky enough to have you next. 
Be sure of one thing whoever you are reading this, I do love you and appreciate you .❤

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