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Male circumcision- is this a recipe for future disasters?

The picture you’re about to see below may be considered explicit .
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Hey guys, it’s a new month y’all. The decision to write this topic came from a poll I took on my twitter account to appreciate the country with the largest amount of my viewers- the USA and a follower asked I write on a topic controversial to Americans which is the issue of male circumcision. Thanks Jessica from for the idea.
Is it all good and rosy or is their another side not been talked about. I will be talking about male circumcision as both a positive critic and a negative critic and would love to hear feedbacks from y’all as usual?.  For this blog post I’ll be taking a story of David Reimer as a subject case – may his soul rest in perfect peace he didn’t deserve what he went through ? .


Circumcision is basically the surgical removal of the foreskin surrounding the penis , now according to those opposed to circumcision the foreskin of the glans penis contains several nerves which are sensitive to touch. Now circumcision is a procedure that has been carried out right from the time of the old testament when God had asked that Moses set asides the children of Israelites by removing the foreskin of the new born baby to set them aside as consecrated. And from the time of old till now it has been carried out for varying reasons mostly as a religious practice , family practice, traditional practice or just as a social practice.
I personally have had no reason to doubt or question this age long tradition cause well it is a normal thing for males to be circumcised but while researching for this topic I realised that some men might not be exactly too happy with the decision to be circumcised. Why this hasn’t gotten sufficient attention so as to prove to men who are worst hit that it’s OK to come out and share your experiences. Most mothers and families still don’t know that despite the numerous benefits that comes along with been circumcised, if not done well can lead to long lasting negative effects.

   A society where uncircumcised men are deemed to be dirty and women who’re misinformed as well will tend to stay clear of having a sexual relationship with a man who is uncircumcised. This usually results in low self esteem when growing up and even in  adulthood especially among fellow men.

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Now I am personally of the opinion that if done well circumcision has many positive effects, I was opportune to talk to some guys about this and the answer they all gave in common was that “it posed no negative effect to them that they were aware of” .  Taking this from a religious and biblical perspective , circumcision is basically a command from God and like all other commandments should be followed. Now even medically the benefits of circumcision outweighs the risks and there might even be no risk at all as long as it’s done by a capable and experienced medical personnel.

I stand for male circumcision, but I take nothing away from those who are against it as they do have strong argument points as well. Now most circumcisions are carried out on the males when they’re babies and basically have no say in the decision, but I believe that circumcision should rather be left in the hand of the individual.

Let your child grow to make that decision, as a parent or guardian your job is to guide,educate and inform them but leave that decision to them. Your opinions might not always be theirs later in life. I feel like men have a right to make that decision by themselves whether or not to be circumcised – because at the end they are the ones to live with it. Though as one grows older the procedure of circumcision becomes more complicated.
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Benefits of circumcision

  1. Decreases the risk of UTI (urinary tract infection)
  2. Decreases the risk of penile cancer
  3. Decreases the risk of HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  4. It encourages cleaner behavior as the penis is easily and better cleaned

But in contrast use of condoms has been seen to prevent STDs  and a good personal hygiene can also help prevent certain diseases and infections in uncircumcised men.

 Risks involved

  1. If botched there could be irrecoverable loss of the penis
  2. Bleeding and inability of the penis to heal properly.
  3. Infections which could lead to discharge of a foul smelling liquid.

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Does circumcision affect sex drive

This is one question that usually develops controversy but had this to say ; According to certain health experts circumcision reduces sexual sensation  as the procedure removes thousands of nerve endings in the penis. In fact, a 2007 study found that the glans of the uncircumcised penis was more sensitive to light touch than the glans of a circumcised penis
It is also thought that the extra skin adds more friction and stimulation to the clitoris during penetration (both get extra pleasure!), and causes increased sensation to the glans as well,” says Fosnight.

That said, “studies show that there is no significant change in sensation in adult men who undergo circumcision,” says Dr Alex Shteynshlyuger, director of urology at New York Urology Specialists. A 2016 study confirmed this, finding that men who were circumcised experienced the same level of sexual pleasure as men who were not.

Most people are torn between this lines, I talked to some guys and they shared that been circumcised hasn’t affected their sex life in any way.

An example of circumcision gone wrong -David Reimer

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For those who might not be familiar with this case, I must say get some tissues because this is about to get emotional. David Reimer or Brenda Reimer was he was once called was one of the victims of a botched circumcision procedure due to phimosis infections he and his brother had resulting in his penis was burnt beyond repair during his procedure. David Reimer was a twiñ while his twin brother had no problems with his procedure, David had to get his gender reassigned by the doctors to a girl because they couldn’t see him living as a guy without a penis.
He lived most of his life as a girl and having him and his twin brother molested by John Money under the guise of sexual reassignment he was forced to perform sexual acts with his twin brother by acting as the traditional  female but by 15yrs David transitioned back into a male. He was interviewed years later by Oprah Winfrey and I remember watching that interview with tears in my eyes, he was such a nice and down to earth young man the confidence he showed about the whole thing was perplexing.
David suffered suicidal depression for many years due to his troubled marriage , unemployment , rocky relationship with his parents and what I believe was the breaking point was the death of his twin brother Brian who had developed schizophrenia  and died of an intentional overdose . David lived his life suffering from a decision that was never his in the first place, he died on May 4th 2004  after his wife left him by committing suicide by shooting himself .
What are your thoughts on circumcision ??

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