Poem, women's day

International women's day – a poem

One day of the year to celebrate all women,
the rest of the year spent pulling them down.
We as women are taught to be seen not heard,
we as a society are trying to get rid of this thoughts,
but have failed continuously.
Women attacking women,
Women pulling each other down,
We make ourselves a laughing stock when we show the world,
that we aren’t even united.
We are yet to move past body shaming women,
slut shaming women for what they wear,
revenge porn and publicly humiliating women.
A society where women are used as pawns in society’s games.
This shouldn’t be a day of celebration it’s a day to come together as women ,
a day to stop pulling each other down how do we expect the world and other genders to take us seriously,
when we women are the greatest enemies of ourselves. The venom and hate we spew on each other is beyond words.
This needs to stop!!!!!!!!
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