My country my pride

My country my pride : INDIA??

The time when Abbey approached me and asked to write about India. I was surprised, jubilant and not to forgot a lot of pressure dived in. A blogger asking me to represent India is kind of big deal for me. I thought for some time and said: “Yes” on the same day for her My country My Pride project. A quote that made me ready to go for this blog or any project is always,

“When you’re not sure if you can do or not, just say Yes. You will ultimately figure it out”

Generally, India is quoted as “Incredible India’’. I hope I will make you feel the same beat at the end of the blog.

Indian things


India’s revolution against breaking the wall of colonialism had a long run of 100 years. Finally, we made it on 15th August 1947. But what about breaking the wall of freedom? We’re still striving to remove all the bricks of the wall. The bricks that our remaining are just above our feet but sometimes they have acted as a great obstacle.

In the year 2018, faith in Indian Jurisdiction made us remove more bricks. So, what happened in 2018? People who were attracted to the same gender could show off their love. Yes, that made love more magical. Talking about the sacrifices we had for our country were unknown to many of us or just stacked in the books. Thanks to the Indian Cinema. They’re trying every year to show some of the sacrifices and showing to the Indian population splendidly.

I won’t take you on Indian tour by talking about some monumental and exquisite places. I don’t want to betray Indian tourism by staggering their revenue. And I hope this will hold true if this blog is read by hundreds of thousands of them. So, what Indian/Indians are known for?

Indian things we do and are totally proud of:

# Indian Mother



There’s no doubt that mothers are lovely and love their children and to eternal. But if you meet Indian mother they are quite different from others! I don’t know about the newly mothers but Indian mothers will beat out their children with a broom if they behave maliciously. But will go to their crying children again and serve them with their own hand. That’s the beauty of love. You might raise your brow, but this how we show our love, at least Indian mothers.

  • If you’re smiling and looking at your phone, they don’t know that you’re looking to a meme but the thought of talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend strikes their mind!
  • Most of the Indian mother’s layer their children with layers of sweaters because they’re feeling cold.
  • Superstitious? Oh my God. They will print you with black dot typically called as Nazar ka Tikka to not let you possess with any of the demons or negativity. Any Scientific prove? Not yet, Scientists are yet studying on it.

#2 Temples



Indians are religious. Yes, the modern world is going over a track of atheism. But most Indian Worship God and of course most of the time at exams. Our Temples can be stated as the monuments of India. They are intricately designed and look exquisite. Some of the temples are shielded with gold and Gods are adorned with millions of worth gold and diamonds. Just search for Indian temples on Google and I am sure your eyes will pop out of beauty.

#3 Culture



India has 29 states. But the country got more than 29 cultures across the country. Every state, country, and the village has got its own culture. And every one of them is proud of their own. It’s undeniable that some of them believe in non-logical things and some of them are laid down on the foundation of injustice. But education is propelling towards on the altar of sensibility and intelligence. I don’t know about other countries, but talking about culture, Elders are respected here and we touch their feet to ensure that they bless us to be successful in our life.

#4. We love our food

Most of the Indian population love spicy food. Yes, we like hot chilies and got some of the spices that can show you rings of cloud from your ears. If you know history, Indian was the warehouse for the rich spices for many countries over the globe. Yes, that might have attracted other countries to invade India.

Indian food and Indian things


Of course, many foreigners know India for butter chicken. But next time you visit India, don’t forget to eat Anna’s Idli, Kolkata’s sweet dishes, Upside Paratha’s, and Eastern seafood! Well, don’t miss our street foods. They might look unhygienic but totally mouthwatering even if you eat a single morsel of it.

#5. Indian people

Indian things


Most of the Indian people are introvert but once you start hanging out with them, they’re one of the cool dudes you might have ever met. So, if you meet any Indian, give some time to them to be comfortable around you. And yes, they get enthralled if they see a foreigner in the city or in their arena they kind of have an adrenaline rush in their Indian blood.  It holds true for at least half percent of the population.

#6 Festivals

The intensity and celebration of any festival in India are just insane and crazy. Every national day holiday comes up with big boxes of sound-system and hundreds of Indians dancing in front of them. We just want a reason for celebration. And that totally holds true.



Of course, it reunites the people and yes we look over our Indian moves you would just get flattered.

Now, let’s get done to the Misconceptions of India

#1. Rape country

India is not safe. Indian is a country of rape. You might not have heard about this. And many of the leading tabloids have proved it. This might not be the misconception about India, and we are changing that and cropping many reforms to change the definition of India.

#2. We Indian Steal Jobs

Okay, this can quite a controversy. Indians are now around the world and working as a Managing Director, CEO’s, and every other reputed position for foreign companies across the Indian border. We don’t steal jobs. Most of them are living up to their potential and trying to transform the world.

#3. Peace

We have laid the grounds of Yoga and meditation all over the world. Many of the foreigners come to India to search for peace but if I talk about India, less than 0.5% of Indian population practice Yoga and meditation.

#4. Mental health. What is that?

If compared to the developing and developed countries we usually don’t talk about mental health. This has led our country as the leading suicide rates among students. And we are not proud of it.  Many NGO’s have taken initiatives to work towards mental health and led down many campaigns towards mental health awareness.

#5 More Misconceptions

Well, as an Indian I might just look over the brighter side of the country. But if you have some misconception please pour into the comment section!

If you’re Indian and reading this, just don’t forget to vote this election.

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