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The Indian Sankata (संकट) !

N. BSANKATA ( crisis or trouble)

India is a country in South Asia, it’s known for been the second most populous country in the world after China. I’m not an Indian but for a while now I’ve being intrigued by the the country’s rich cultural heritage and cuisine, their versatile movie and music industry as well as their different values and beliefs. This intrigue led me into actually researching more on this great country, and I discovered that aside the good things I love about it there are also issues that are to be addressed as well.

In this post I’ll be detailing certain issues and probable solutions to them as well. Nothing but love to all my Indian brothers and sisters . ?

Problem – Rape culture :

Rape culture is a concept where rape is prevalent and normalized by members of a particular society through targeted slut shaming, victim blaming, body shaming, objectification of a particular gender. India in recent times has seen an unusually high rise in rape cases involving women and children ,which is appalling.

Rape in India has become the fourth most common crime against women. India’s crime records show that reported rapes of minor children had more than doubled between 2012 and 2016. There seems to be little to nothing done to combat such a crisis, rather the girls are being blamed for “how they dressed”, “why they went out alone” etc. While the boys/men are let go under the guide of “having made a mistake”. One of the main causes of this has been attributed to the wide imbalanced sex ratio with more people in favor of having a male child than a female.

Putting up a struggle seems to be futile when rape is increasingly used as an instrument to assert power and intimidate the powerless in India. This is not surprising, many believe, in a hierarchical, patriarchal and increasingly polarised society, where hate is being used to divide people and harvest votes.

The divide between the two main religions in India: the Hindus and the Muslims, doesn’t help the situation. When a Hindu girl is raped by a Muslim man, some Muslims go ahead to support the man simply because the crime was committed against a Hindu girl. This same people will have a different reaction to this same case if a Muslim girl was the victim. Whilst, if a Muslim girl was raped by a Hindu man, some Hindus would support him nonetheless since the victim is a Muslim.

Rather than uniting against a common evil, hate us been fostered and used as a blindfold to cover this evil.


The rampant increase in rape has been met recently with more people speaking up and reporting this cases, but then after reporting what happens? The man or men as the case may be are arrested and soon after released with no punishment due in part to the holes present within the India’s legal system. Only one in four cases of rape in India end in convictions.

Indian women are forced to do the best they can do in such misogynistic conditions by : not going out alone or in the dark, dressing conservatively with little or no skin showing and been vigilant. They are made to feel like “endangered species ” . Most of the rape victims usually know their abusers as they’re usually nuclear or extended family members but are to scared of been shunned by their family. Knowing fully well they will not be believed and will be made out as liars or be told to “keep shut”.

What rape statistics really reflect is a vicious cultural agreement that women have little value. Which means in turn that girls must be trained to act as if they do not exist, to minimise their presence to survive, to serve men and not inconvenience them. This sounds archaic in this day and age, but it is true in India and to a greater or lesser degree across many cultures, irrespective of wealth or education.

– Solution

  • Public criticism – if India as a country can let go of whatever religious bias they hold and stand against such an evil publicly. When this issues are criticized publicity it’ll help reduce what we could term “the normalcy ” of this events. Rape is a crime and should be treated as such, sexual abuse of any kind shouldn’t be condoned or hidden in any form by any body ,it should be spoken against.
  • Stop slut shaming, victim shaming and victim blaming – it’s never the fault of the victim, it’s never the fault of what the victim wore or where the victim was at, the victim never asked to be raped and the victim didn’t enjoy been raped either. Rather the entirety of the fault lies with the rapist.
  • Dealing with misogyny and patriarchy in the Indian society – it’s time to stop making excuses for male rapists, it’s time to stop the assumptions of the men just “making a mistake”. It’s time to stop blaming rape on “uncontrollable male sexual urges” . It’s time to put an end to the belittling of women, women are the rock that holds the society together. They cannot be discarded and treated like dirt, it would only cause the society to fall apart.

Object to notions of masculinity that frame sexual aggression as a strong or admirable quality for men to strive toward.
  • Teach consent to both sons and daughters – children should be taught from a young age about consent both in homes and at schools, so that they’re aware of their rights.They should be taught about how to react when a partner refuses consent and about the importance of sexual consent. No means No
  • Stop putting the responsibility on women to prevent rape- a woman cannot rape herself, we need to teach men how to practice self control. We need to stop placing restrictions and unnecessary inhibitions on women in a bid to curtail a man’s impulsive behavior. “We are teaching people that boys/men are natural aggressors who always want sex and that the onus is on girls/women to keep boys’/men’s unrelenting urges in check,” says Bowman. “Teaching lessons this way positions girls as ‘gatekeepers’ and ignores their autonomy and sexuality. Hiding female sexuality creates a culture in which men’s sexuality appears natural and unstoppable, and women’s appears pathological. Culled from–21715
  • Support rape victims – Show support to rape victims, make them realize that it was never their fault. Don’t go asking “what she was doing at a particular place at a particular time ” , don’t go asking how drunk she was, or how “slutty” you thought she dressed. Don’t go looking for holes in her story, just to belittle her experience or make it seem like “she asked for it.
  • Legislation -the government should put more effort into not just getting people to report such cases but to make sure adequate punishments are meted out to each accused found guilty irrespective of class or social status. Rape should not be tolerated.

This is one part of the series planned. All the issues to be discussed can’t be crammed into one blog post. So it’ll be divided into parts. If you enjoyed part1 look forward to the next one on ARRANGED MARRIAGES.

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