• What happened after I shared my story of sexual abuse.

    Thanks to Jeremy for being brave enough to write this post for us and to raise awareness on issues of male sexual abuse. Feel free to reach out to him on twitter at https://mobile.twitter.com/jak_jeremy I am a male survivor of longterm (10years) childhood sexual abuse. I am straight, 35 years old I disclosed publicly at 24. It was done on impulse when I saw the abuser at a public place with a young boy. Most straght male survivors of same-sex abuse don’t disclose for 25-30 years if at all. I know a few straght male survivors, all of the ones I know did not disclose until they were well established…

  • What men don’t talk about by Stephen Howard

    Abuse. It’s something very few people are willing to talk about, but men most of all. Doubly so if they have been the ones abused. It’s not really any surprise considering the level of shame that comes with it, and when you have family member stuffing it down, pretending it doesn’t exist. Worse yet, they are in it. What does this create? A lot of broken men who are told that their feelings don’t matter and that they need to suck it up and deal with it. After all, men don’t cry, right? Breaking the Stigma Contrary to popular opinion, men actually feel things very deeply. Our emotions are like…


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