• My country my pride : South Africa

    When I was invited to collaborate on this, I was so excited! The idea of this series is to shed some light on the misconceptions people tend to have about a certain country – this, of course, makes South Africa the perfect country to be featured. As a third-world country, South Africa is really not all that bad. Although referred to as a “shithole-country” by Mr. Donald Trump, South Africa has some amazing qualities and I intend on elaborating more on them in this article. But first, let’s nip the biggest misconception in the bud: South Africa has much more to it than just wildlife! Therefore, I will not even…

  • My country my pride : INDIA🇨🇮

    The time when Abbey approached me and asked to write about India. I was surprised, jubilant and not to forgot a lot of pressure dived in. A blogger asking me to represent India is kind of big deal for me. I thought for some time and said: “Yes” on the same day for her My country My Pride project. A quote that made me ready to go for this blog or any project is always, “When you’re not sure if you can do or not, just say Yes. You will ultimately figure it out” Generally, India is quoted as “Incredible India’’. I hope I will make you feel the same beat at the end of…


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