• Society, anxiety and depression.

    I am man, hear me….. I say very little. I have spent the majority of my life living in real fear, a fear of communicating the constant, unrelenting pain that ravaged my soul until I was left with nothing but the darkness of depression.Society forbids me from talking about my pain. I am somehow seen as less of a man if I even whisper for someone’s help and for years, I complied with my captures and in doing so, generalized anxiety disorder infected my brain. I was held in solitary confinement by cultural expectations and whist at the same time being held hostage by the tournament of mental illness. Learn…

  • I almost died

    Trigger warning – suicide Thanks to Jaycob for agreeing to do this, it isn’t easy sharing your story and speaking out, you can follow him on twitter at https://mobile.twitter.com/jaycm1344It’s 2019, and we still haven’t gotten there yet. It’s 2019 and we still cant talk about mental health. It’s 2019 and still, each day, 123 people a day die by suicide, 79% of those being male. When are we going to get past this “Stiff upper lip” mentality for men and come to the realization that men have emotions, men feel things, we don’t HAVE to be these stoic figures that the world has wanted us to be for so long. …


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